One Custom City

Founded in 2008, One Custom City offers screen-printed products that merge craft, creativity, and a deep connection to community. We all want to show the world who we are and what we care about. Everyone has passions and One Custom City wants to empower you to express yours. 

Collaborative.  We believe that we're at our best when we create with you and work together to realize your vision.

True to Craft. We are intuitive and thoughtful in our approach so our products are high quality, original, and functional.

Focus on Values. We source materials that reflect your values and are mindful about how we do business.

Inspire and Be Inspired.  Our products help you to inspire others; and, by sharing our craft, we also hope to inspire you. 

Community. We care about community and everything we do is grounded in that commitment. 

One Custom City is located at Talking Dolls, an experimental design studio on Detroit's east side.  

Ron Watters

Ron is a product designer, artist, educator, and Detroiter. He is the owner and founder of One Custom City and SCIDE Design (Systems Combining Industrial Design and Engineering). Ron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Michigan. He has taught socially-minded entrepreneurship and graphic design as an instructor with Detroit Future Media, an initiative of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and Allied Media Projects. He is also a member of the Move the Crowd True+Paid+Good Academy, a rigorous training founded by Rha Goddess to create a conscious entrepreneurial movement. Ron was a 2014 artist-in-residence at Detroit Community Schools as part of Detroit Connections, an initiative of the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design and has served on the Advisory Board for the Detroit Design Festival.


Jovan Naves

Jovan is a graphic designer and entrepreneur. His passion for design is complemented by his drive to learn and grow his own business as the co-owner and co-founder of Bare All Clothing. Jovan joined One Custom City through our apprenticeship program and now manages his own clients. A recent graduate from Wayne State University, Jovan has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Visit www.jovannaves.com to learn more and see his portfolio. 


Elijah Ford

Elijah is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Originally from California, he recently moved to Detroit to see what the city has to offer him. Lucky for us, Elijah made apprenticing at One Custom City part of his Detroit experience. He's an important part of the One Custom City family now. Elijah holds a Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of Arts and Bachelor of Arts from California State University San Bernardino. You can stay current with Elijah at SIPLYFE and check out www.elijahford.com for his portfolio. 

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